Real Estate

CarVal Investors is a global leader in managing opportunistic real estate investments both directly in commercial and residential real estate transactions, as well as indirectly via real estate-related public debt and equity securities.

CarVal Investors applies fundamental real estate analysis to each transaction and engages asset managers who assist in transaction origination, as well as coordinate the due diligence and asset management of the properties. The firm uses this network of asset managers to assist in fundamental assessments of market conditions and to analyze and manage cross-regional portfolios. CarVal Investors has been a leading participant in global real estate joint ventures for over two decades.

The firm has invested $10.9 billion in more than 1,100 real estate transactions since 1991 and has underwriting capabilities in more than 22 countries. Managed investments have included most real estate product types including office, industrial, multifamily, residential, retail, student housing and hotel.